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Thanks to Anchor Bay Entertainment, House/House II have received the DVD treatment we were campaigning for! Thanks to all the House fans who wrote in with their opinions and suggestions for what should be included.

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House DVD Review by Andy Hargreaves

House has had many incarnations on various different formats over the years, home video, sell through video, laser disc, and yes of course who can forgive or forget the tragic British DVD by Digital Entertainment? But help is on hand in the form of the new American House DVD by Anchor Bay. House is the latest of New World's films to be given DVD treatment by Anchor Bay and the results are stunning. The first thing that struck me as I watched the DVD was the time and care Anchor Bay have taken to present House in the right way.

House DVD

The movie lettering and trailer-style house silhouette greet you as you enter the first animated option screen along with audio from the opening title of the score. The initial impact is strong. The viewer is than faced with three options:

1. Chapter selection

2. Extras

3. Play movie

I was dying to see if the film transfer would impress as much as the striking opening screen, I was not disappointed. The image quality is excellent, House is presented "at long last" in an anamorphic widescreen transfer from the 1.85:1 print, which gives the film a feeling of unsullied freshness It's like owning a painting for years then after having it cleaned, you realize there are details you had never noticed.

House DVD Menu House DVD Making Of Documentary

The colour is razor-sharp with no hint of blotching during playback. The new transfer of House is like watching a new film. The picture has never looked so good, and looks like it was shot last week, not 15 years ago. The sound is also distortion free and is presented in Dolby digital mono. With no messy dialogue or FX cross over.

Additional material: Anchor Bay has uncovered treasures in the attic to bring an array of nice supplements to this DVD. Firstly there is a commentary track with producer Sean S Cunningham, Director Steve Miner, Writer Ethan Wiley (Writer/ Director of House 2) and Actor William Katt. Secondly Anchor Bay has included a 12-minute featurette called 'The Making of House' which was made back in 1986. It includes clips from the new transfer of the film along with 'behind the scenes' footage and interviews with actors William Katt, Richard Moll and George Wendt. It also includes special effects stills and an interview with effects designer James Cummings.


The Principal Features of the DVD

1st 20,000 Copies include bonus House II Disc !!

Widescreen Presentation enhanced for 16x9 TVs

The Making of House Featurette

Audio Commentary with Director Steve Miner, Producer Sean S. Cunningham, Writer Ethan Wiley and Star William Katt.

Theatrical Trailers

Still Gallery

2 x House Poster Replicas


House DVD Back

House DVD Insert

The only thing wrong with the featurette is that it's not long enough. Finishing off the supplements are two trailers from the theatrical release and a great stills gallery of rare house materials and liner notes by Anchor Bay's Michael Felsher.

Is that it?

Well no, not if you order one of the first 20,000 copies of House as you will receive a free copy of the sequel House 2: The Second Story which is also in widescreen with trailer and commentary track by Writer/Director Ethan Wiley, and producer Sean S Cunningham. The House DVD package is stunning, simply stunning....I've waited years for this Roger!!!!

Below: The Original Campaign Artwork

Below you will see the artwork from artist Andy Hargreaves which was launched by Roger Cobb's House last year in a campaign to have House released with these special features. It worked!


House DVD Campaign Art


House DVD Campaign Art