Note from VS

Does this look like imagination? Vanished Son would like to say thankyou to a few people whose invaluable efforts have helped make Roger Cobb's House such a success:

To the artist who's rabid enthusiasm for the film and tireless voluntary contributions to the site, have resulted in much of the stunning hand-drawn artwork and cartoon characterisations of the actors that you have seen within its pages.Thank You. Without such recreations as those of Elizabeth Hooper's art, I may never have decided to give the site such a huge renovation.

To Nick Alaway for all his design influence and for being a beacon in the professional world of movie websites. You can visit his 80's Gateway here

And to all the creative people like Ethan Wiley, Steve Miner and William Katt for making this movie such a unique joy. Thankyou!

Come back soon,

You're cordially invited....