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Roger Cobb (WILLIAM KATT), an author of horror novels, is a troubled man. He has recently separated from his wife (KAY LENZ); their only son has disappeared without a trace; and his favourite aunt (SUSAN FRENCH), has just passed away, an apparent suicide by hanging. On top of everything else, it's been more than a year since the release of his latest book and he's being pressured by his publisher to write another.

Roger CobbTo the chagrin of his fans and publisher, Cobb plans a novel based on his experiences in Vietnam instead of another horror story. It's not so much that he's interested in the subject, it's more a way of purging himself of the horrors he himself experienced while there.

After his Aunt's funeral, instead of selling her House, as recommended by the estate attorney, Cobb decides to live there for a while to try to write. Having spent a great deal of time in the House as a child , there are a lot of memories still there for him.

After moving in, Cobb begins to have powerful graphic nightmares. Thoughts about his army buddy, Big Ben (RICHARD MOLL), who died in Vietnam, come spilling out. In addition, strange phenomena spring forth from the House itself, haunting him in his waking hours as well. He tries communicating his fears to his nosy next door neighbor , Harold (GEORGE WENDT), but Harold thinks he's crazy.

Roger CobbOne night while investigating a noise coming from his late Aunt's bedroom, Cobb is attacked by "something" in the shape of a horrible beast. More strange things happen: garden tools imbed themselves in the door near his head; his wife turns up on the doorstep one day, and as he says hello, she transforms into a hideous witch, which he shoots, only to see it change again into his wife.

After more confrontations, Cobb finds what appears to be an entry into a sinister otherworld -- through the bathroom medicine cabinet. Looking into the void, he is pulled into the darkness by an unseen creature. In the darkness however, he fortuitously locates his lost son, Jimmy.

Roger Cobb

Cobb manages to escape with Jimmy but, as they are leaving the House, they are confronted by the "living," partially decomposed corpse of Big Ben. Because Cobb had failed to kill him when he was seriously wounded in Vietnam, and had instead allowed him to be taken prisoner and tortured before dying, Ben reveals that he has been out to destroy Cobb.


Big Ben


Roger CobbCobb himself confronts Ben, aware that his anger over the kidnapping of his Son has overwelmed his fears. Unable to instill fear in Cobb any longer, Ben is defeated. Cobb destroys him and escapes with his son. He glances back at the House, triumphantly; he has beaten it, and regained control of his life.



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