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ETHAN WILEY made his screenwriting debut with 'House'. Born and raised in the Northern Californian community of Marin County, Wiley came to Los Angeles for UCLA 'Film & Theater Arts School' where he studied Ethan Wiley
acting,writing and directing. He next worked for George Lucas's 'Industrial Light and Magic', creating special effects for 'Return of the Jedi'. He was soon hired by Oscar Award winner Chris Walas, where he designed and engineered special effects for several movies including Steven Spielberg's 'Gremlins' and Bob Zemeckis's 'Romancing the Stone'.

Ethan next turned to writing and directing and scored a couple of surprise hits with the comedy/horror movies, 'House' and 'House II'. Making the unusual transition from special effects to screenwriting, Wiley met Director Stephen Miner Through a mutual friend, also a writer:

" I originally gave Stephen the script of 'House' simply to get some feedback. I was aware of his success with the 'Friday the 13th' films and i knew he really understood the genre. Things happened fairly quickly after that. Stephen loved the script and wanted to do it, he introduced me to Producer Sean Cunningham and the deal was set; I guess you could say the rest is history "

House debuted as the number one film in the U.S. and remains among the top-grossing independent films, the second most profitable in New World Pictures history. A total of four House movies were eventually made.

Among his other endeavors, Ethan has performed as a stand-up and improv comedian, worked as a creative consultant for interactive multimedia and produced original theater productions as director, writer and actor. He plays a variety of stringed instruments, including mandolin and mandocello and has performed with country-rocker Terry Allen, Bay Area bluesman Mike Henderson, and N.Y. guitar wizard Jon Sholle. You can visit Ethan's company Mean Bunny Entertainment here:


Jake & Joey (1999)

Children of the Corn V: Field of Terror (1998)

... aka Children of the Corn 5 (1998)

House II: The Second Story (1987)

House (1986)


Crew Member

Gremlins (1984) (creature technician)

Return of the Jedi (1983) (creature technician)

... aka Star Wars: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (1983) (USA: complete title)



Children of the Corn V: Field of Terror (1998)

... aka Children of the Corn 5 (1998)

House II: The Second Story (1987)


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Ethan Wiley's imagination must be a strange place to live. I credit Wiley with some of my most favourite notions in movie history. Since I was a child, the dimensions present within the House have always fascinated me. The idea that one can look through the window and see a brick wall, but smash the glass and there's a whole other world, gives rise to endless possibilities. Wiley exploits this with his main character Roger Cobb. Cobb never uses accepted logic for one moment, never stopping to rationalize that what he sees - instinctively he knows that what he faces will lead him back to his Son - and for that price, he is willing to exceed the boundaries of any man-made edifice.

As well as the hilarious comedic touches within House, there also lies a spirited struggle to defeat one's personal demons, a lesson which stretches back as far as storytelling itself.

Wiley is a master of motifs. The Bathroom Cabinet, Skeleton Ben, Blood Dance (the novel), The SandyWitch - all locations and characters completely unique to this piece of work, never seen before or since.

House is endlessly quotable. And I hope Mr. Wiley is pleased to know that his fans across the world still utter his lines 14 years after the fact.


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