Welcome to the Merchandise and Props section of Roger Cobb's House. This is the section where we detail all the known props and mermorabilia still existing from the movie. This includes everything from posters and presskits to actual masks and paintings used on the set.


Collector Edition


Regular U.S.

House 2

House 2 UK.


The first four American releases.

US House Videos


House VCD

This is the VCD (video cd) of House. Obviously an unofficial pirate.

This product is a substandard alternative to the stunning new UK DVD from Anchor Bay.

It's quality is comparable to VHS and is good for a quick look once in a while, but certainly not a serious product.

Rarer items..

This is the House Soundtrack Score CD on Varese Sarabande. It's very rare and contains both the scores to 'House' and 'House II: The Second Story.' It does NOT however contain any of the pop music used during the film such as 'Dedicated to the One I Love' or 'You're no Good.'

Please see the Soundtrack and Score section for a detailed piece on the score and its vinyl existence.

House CD
House II Comic

Left: The House II Comic Book

Also, be on the lookout for the presskit as detailed in 'Production Notes' here at Roger Cobb's House. It offers detailed behond the scenes and locations information.

Right: The Mexican House Poster 'La Mansion'
La Mansion Poster

Goblin Pressbook

Left: The Japanese Pressbook for 'Goblin'

The release of House in Japan featured a name change to 'Goblin' - the rare Japanese pressbook containing the alternate title is pictured here.

Often regarded as the finest section of the film, this autographed photo from Cheers actor John Ratzenberger depicts his character Bill Towner, the intrepid elecrician adventurer who lends a hand.

Right: Signed John Ratzenberger House II Photo.

John Ratzenberger Autograph
Slim Rezor Prop

Though filled with interesting props, only a few have surfaced from the House movies in the past few years. Here we have one of Chris Walas' (Gremlins) terrific creations. The head of House II villain Slim Reezor.

Left: an authentic Chris Walas House II prop of Slim Reezor!

Another memento from Vanished Son's private collection! Autographed by Producer Sean S. Cunningham.

Right: Sean S. Cunningham in Directorial role - autographed photo.

Sean Cunningham Autograph
House Standup


Left: The House Standup Display

This is quite an obscure piece of publicity memorabilia put out to video retailers at the time of release.



Right: The House Lightup Display Model.

The House Light Up Display unit which was released by New World Video at the time of the film.It is a largeboxed replica of the HOUSE and has battery power to light up the windows!

House Lightup Display

Painting by Richard Hescox

So what about original props? Well Roger Cobb's House now owns this painting (of Aunt Elizabeth's) by Richard Hescox-

Remember the scene with policeman Steven Williams - ?

Roger: "My Aunt was an artist"

Williams: "Yeah ..i guess"

See the House Specials interview with artist Richard Hescox.

This painting depicts Director Joe Dante being speared by the Marlin, and hangs in Aunt Elizabeth's bedroom in the movie behind Roger and his cameras!

Painting by Richard Hescox
Sandywitch Prop mask


"I purchased this item from the famous Forrest J Ackerman, former publisher of Famous Monsters Of Filmland Magazine (you know, the one King and Speilberg thank for inspiring them). You may know Forry from the A&E bio they run on him around Halloween or his apperances in films such as Amazon Women On The Moon, or Attack Of The 50 Foot Centerfold. I have no other House props but this item also comes with a framed copy of the article about Forry and his collection."


We contacted a source close to Ackerman for official word on the House prop and discovered another fabulous tidbit:

"Mr Ackerman owns one prop from the film "House". The lower half of "Ben" from the waist down. Other than this, most of Mr. Ackerman's props are from the golden age of horror (Dracula, Frankenstein, King Kong, etc.)"